3 powerful digital marketing strategies we often ignore

It's no secret that we are living in a society that's heavily influenced by what's happening on social media. This endless stream of likes, hashtags and filters has permeated it's way through just about everything we do.

As a media professional, I'm fascinated by its impact and I've recently been interested in learning more about the best social media practices across different industries. EventManagerBlog.com published its "Trends" series that takes a deep dive into what's ahead in 2017 for the events industry.

Seeing as more traditional media companies are leaning toward hosting live events as a revenue stream, I think it's important to pay attention to these developments.

The "10 Event Trends for 2017" report included a section on event social media and digital marketing. Here are a few of the digital marketing strategies that I liked from this year's trend report that can be applied to the media industry:


Suggested Social Content

Send suggested copy for social media to speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and contributing suppliers of the event. This makes it easy to copy and paste the content to social media and increase the conference’s reach to like-minded followers of speakers and sponsors. Build up the buzz!

Official Banners

The NFOC Conference for Communications Technologies created impactful branded social media images optimized for each platform and issued to stakeholders to show off their position at the conference. Trade show exhibitors were given banners with their booth numbers while sponsors were given images that displayed their contribution levels. This strategy makes it very easy for those contributing to your event to seem like coordinated extensions of your marketing efforts and to reach an extended network.next event.


Facebook Live

Having live streams portals are a great idea because of the possible sponsorship opportunities and web embedding, which should be coming to Facebook Live soon. Facebook Live's greatest asset is that it has is access to its network’s users that can be reached organically or through paid targeting.

Possible content? Try presenter Q&As, FOMO moments and fireside chats.

Video Testimonials

Capture testimonials from attendees and stakeholders at the peak of excitement around your event. Seeing and hearing from those who attended the event can build the buzz for your next event.


Social Media Walls

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Content Discoverability Summit's digital strategy included social media walls in every room of this multi-track and multi-day event. Social media walls will entice your attendees to share information about what's happening within your event.


Creating an event ambassador program takes advantage of the credibility of individuals who can influence others to attend while humanizing your brand. When putting together this team, aim for diversity and a representative of each buying persona you are marketing to.

You can read the seven other social media and digital marketing event trends by clicking here. What are some digital strategies that you all use for your live events? Tweet me or share it with me in the comments.