Here’s what Drake might look like visiting 5 Des Moines landmarks

The "6 God" has spoken.

Before anybody had enough time to even order lunch, Drake dropped a bombshell on social media.

Yes, that's right. You're not imaging things. The biracial Adonis and his majestic beard will be making a stop in Des Moines. He'll also have fellow rapper and "dirty Sprite" enthusiast, Future, right by his side.

As a native of his second home, Houston, I feel like it would rude of me not to introduce him to a few parts of the city that I've come to call home.

Let's start the tour, shall we?

1. Sculpture Park

Because how do you visit Des Moines and not get a picture with this thing? 

2. Downtown pianos

Because we won't all be able to get tickets, we'd love to see you give an impromptu concert on the keys.

3. The Capitol

Because #Views.

4. Gray's Lake

Because he'll need a place to chill before he hits the stage.

5. Drake University

Because we don't believe in missed opportunities. Let's not play ourselves. You know this has to happen